Overview of the curriculum

  • Starts from the basics of electrical and electronic engineering, communication engineering, computer engineering, and bioinformatics.
  • Enables students to acquire the comprehensive knowledge required of future professional engineers by studying a diverse range of subjects covering the arts and social sciences, as well as introductory subjects on information processing.
  • For freshmen and sophomores, the mathematics and physics components are required, while chemistry and biology are electives. These students also take two specialist subjects, namely "Introduction to Electronics, Computer Engineering and Bioinformatics" and "Introduction to Computer Programming".
  • The curriculum system is such that freshmen can select their courses when they move up to their sophomore year.
Overview of the curriculum

Relationship with the Graduate School of Kanazawa University

After graduation, students can move up to the Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Master's Level Section) and Division of Electrical and Computer Science (Doctoral Level Section) of the Graduate School of Natural Science & Technology.