Curriculum of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

Classes offer the features described below, aiming to educate students in such a way that they will graduate as engineers who can play an active role in electronics-related companies, home appliance manufacturers, communications equipment manufacturers, communications service companies, and electricity-related companies.

  • Emphasis on basic subjects (mathematics and physics, in particular)
  • Detailed education in basic subjects in the electrical and electronic engineering field (electrical circuits, electronic circuits, and electromagnetics)
  • Learning of technologies through experiments and practical training, as well as training in the writing of scientific and technological reports
  • Familiarization with the processes of establishing issues themselves and considering and solving them (creative design subjects)
  • Computers for information education
  • Full facilities for integrated circuit design and evaluation
  • Giving students the ability to recognize impact of electronic engineering on the environment and society, so that they can have a global and international viewpoint and ethical responsibility