Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

To ensure that we can live in a good, decent society considering the global environment, we need energy conversion technology, energy saving technology, safety technology, and low-environmental impact technology. Key to realizing such a sustainable society is electrical and electronic engineering technology. The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course provides a professional education based on a systematic curriculum for basic to applied subjects, and endeavors to foster engineers and researchers with ethic who can provide the global environment and society with safety, security, and comfort. After graduation, students are qualified to play an active role as engineers and researchers in the electronics, communications, and electricity industries. More specifically, we provide education and research opportunities in the following technologies.

  • Electronic properties, electronic devices, and VLSI manufacturing technologies for supporting highly integrated and high-speed LSI technology
  • Optical devices, optical communications, and ultrafast electronics for achieving large-capacity communications and ultrafast computers
  • VLSI design and signal processing technology for achieving high speed and flexibility in information processing
  • Technology relating to the generation, conversion, and transmission of electrical energy for supporting increasing energy demand
  • System control and robot technology for supporting harmony between man and machine

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course gives you the chance to study and perform research, and aims to provide engineers who can build tomorrow's electronic society.

Application of electronics technology

Advanced electronics technology is applied to computers; cellular phones; CD, DVD, and other optical discs; ADSL, optical, and other broadband communications; digital home products; portable game machines; television, radio and other broadcasting technologies; satellite broadcasting and communications; car navigation; and solar power generation, among others.

Moreover, electronics has become a key technology in advanced product groups in every field, such as automobiles, aircraft, robots, medical instruments, and environmental measuring instruments.