Fields covered by the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course

Electronic Devices

Development of next-generation electronics materials and research into their application to electronic and optical devices.

  • Characterization of amorphous materials and their application
  • Development of environmentally friendly electronic materials using ultraviolet lasers; and creation of optical thin-film materials and their application to optical devices
  • Development of high-k films and strained silicon structures for high-performance ULSI devices
  • Determination of large thermoelectromotive force due to SiGe and its application to devices
  • Research into nanocrystal silicon devices using plasma
  • Development of thin-film electronic materials that will be pivotal to next-generation integrated circuits


Optical and Electronic Systems

Conducts research into optical devices and systems, as well as ultrafast electronic devices and circuits, for high-speed, large-capacity communications and signal processing.

  • Research into noise reduction in semiconductor lasers
  • Development of optical modulators for optical parallel processing
  • Fundamental research into optical amplifiers based on new physical phenomena
  • Research into micro-photonic circuits for optical fibers and optical integrated circuits
  • Research into organic LEDs and lasers
  • Development of optical sensing system
  • Development of high-speed photodiode by utilizing CMOS process


Systems and Information

Conducts research into systems for transmitting and processing signals at high speed and efficiency, as well as system control for modeling and controlling robots and electrical and mechanical systems.

  • Research into power consumption reduction in multimedia VLSI devices
  • Development of VLSI devices for video recognition
  • Research into theories and algorithms for signal processing
  • Development of signal processing methods that can adapt to environmental changes
  • Research into human-adaptable interfaces
  • Research into robot operation


Energy and Environment Systems

Conducts research into the generation of plasmas with high energy densities and their applied technologies, as well as into electromagnetic appliances using magnetism, and applied magnetic devices.

  • Method of generating and controlling high-density plasmas and their application to high-function material processes
  • Research into control of fusion edge plasmas
  • Development of electromagnetic appliances using nonlinear magnetic characteristics and permanent magnets
  • Research into the visualization of magnetic fields
  • Establishment of non-contact inspection methods using applied magnetic sensors
  • Development of applied magnetic appliances such as magnetically suspended bearings and linear motors
  • Research into the effects of magnetic field on living bodies and their application to medical care, etc.