Bioinformatics Course

The 21st century is said to be the age of life science, with diverse medical and biological information continuing to be produced, as exemplified by Human Genome Project. For this reason, a new field of academic study, bioinformatics, has been created to derive useful knowledge from these enormous amounts of biomedical information by making full use of computers and then using this knowledge for the treatment for diseases and the development of new drugs. To provide advanced education and research opportunities in the field of bioinformatics, the Bioinformatics Course offers the features described below.

  • Enables students to first understand the principles of operation of computers and then learn software technology, and even methods of analyzing biomdical information using computers, through lectures and practical training.
  • Enables students to learn the basics of life science such as DNA and genes, as well as the application of genetic engineering technologies such as recombinant DNA technology to medical care and drug discovery.
  • Provides not only a practical computer training environment but also a range of equipment for genetic engineering experiments including an automated DNA sequencing unit, so that students can learn the principles of genetic engineering through experiments and practical training using these devices.
  • Enables students to master the most advanced IT technologies through the use of computers, including large-scale computer systems for use in the field of bioinformatics.

The Bioinformatics Course gives you the chance to become a leading-edge computer engineers who can break new ground in the area of life science technology.

Application of bioinformatics technology

Bioinformatics technology is used to protect the health of people and enable them to lead a safe and enjoyable life, as exemplified by the development of new drugs, treatments for cancer and other serious diseases, and food production. For the development of laboratory equipment, analysis and diagnostic equipment, as well as medical imaging equipment for use in the fields of biotechnology and medicines, in particular, high-performance computer technology, Internet technology, image processing technology, artificial intelligence technology, and other advanced information processing technologies have become indispensable.