Curriculum of the Information Systems Engineering Course

Broad professional education
In addition to information mathematics and computer-related subjects, provides full professional applied subjects related to electronic, communications, and information systems, so that students can take away a broad-based knowledge and grasp of technologies.
Full practical computer training
Systematically incorporates practical computer training for all students from freshmen through to seniors, so that students can master practical technologies such as network computing and programming.
Hands-on professional education
Through experiments related to electronic, information, and communication systems, enables students to acquire the abilities needed to analyze and understand phenomena by linking them with theories, as well as the techniques related to the use of the latest devices and software tools.
Professional creative abilities that can be enhanced in comprehensive practical subjects
Enables students to acquire problem-solving methods, creative application abilities, the ability to work with others, presentation abilities, etc. through a full and comprehensive, but gradual, practical training program based on electronic information life system research, self-imposed assignment research, off-campus technical experience, and graduation work.